Sacramentum Project [ 2015 ]

Sacramentum [2015 - Cover Art]

Sacramentum [2015 - Cover Art]

 History [ Why This project? ]

           My name is Antonio Resende. I am dedicated layman member of the Comunidade Raízes de Jessé (Community of Alliance), whose charisma is "Awakening the Love of God in man", currently serving as minister of music. I also Serve the Parish Paróquia Santa Clara de Assis as minister of music and recently as a minister of the Eucharist. I Work with composition / production of soundtracks for film, TV and music in general.
           In late 2014, I wanted to release a song I had made dedicated to the Archangel Raphael. Composed in Epic / Film style, I thought it would be a good idea to release it on Youtube. So, I started researching various channels. I found that this style is very common not only in cinema but also in today's games. Readily, some channels volunteered to create videos with this song, but seeing the finished videos, I had a surprise. There was a clear tendency to something very dark or even satanic, in many of these channels, judging by the aesthetics and symbolism of the images.         

Sacramentum CD Preview [ 2015 ] - Vídeo produced by the Spanish gaming portal SonoraGamers

         I thought then to create a project with religious songs in the same style, with the aim of initially evangelize this public. I put this project in prayer and a few months later came the inspiration to make songs inspired by the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. The style would be epic and instrumental. A soundtrack to meditate about the Sacraments. For example, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the song would start sad, scoring repentance to become cheerful and light at the end, after the forgiveness of God. Would not it be liturgical music, but nevertheless would be music of prayer.

Antonio Resende [2014]

Antonio Resende [2014]

          That's how Sacramentum CD came with a music for each Sacrament. There were some interesting facts during the project. In the Confirmation Sacrament theme, came the inspiration to do something military / army march. The meaning would be a soldier of Christ ready for a good fight to which we all are called. However, this implied a strong contrast to the other CD's softer and smoother songs. In the morning, I asked God if it was the style He wanted. When I went out to lunch, I heard a child screaming in the street "Look at the car of the army, there, there!" I looked and saw an army jeep(such rare event, here in my town). I took it as a confirmation and indeed the Confirmation music follows the military style and contrasts with the rest of the CD.

          There are some peculiarities in this project. Although instrumental, there are some corals and sung words that do not make sense from the point of view of spoken language. They are only vocalizes, but I believe blessed by God, since throughout the period of composition and production, I always cried the presence of The Holy Spirit. The entire project was made by mixing computer orchestral sounds / coral with some voices sung by me. All songs seek to refer the listener to hope, to transcendence and beauty, even in sorrow and in tribulations inherent in this world.

          This is the history of Sacramentum. Be very welcome to this musical journey that both challenged me and glad at the same time. I sincerely hope that these songs can help, even if small and simple manner, the souls that listen to approach closer to God.

Wish you The Peace of Jesus and The Love of Mother Mary,